High-Quality Sunshades for All Seasons

Solar screen shades for Windsor sunrooms and patio areas.
Interior and exterior solar screen shades  in Windsor, Kingsville, Lakeshore

Demand Growing for Solar Screen Shades in Windsor, Essex County

Whether you call them solar shades, screen shades or roller shades, they are in growing demand in Windsor Ontario, where the region is identified as the warmest in Canada. In Windsor, Leamington, Kingsville, Lakeshore and other Essex County communities, solar screen shades are often selected for sunrooms because they are specifically designed to reduce heat, provide UV protection and block harsh sun glare.

Solar Screen Shades are actually idea for any room with lots of sun exposure, including patios, kitchens, living rooms or offices. Depending on the materials you choose, these shades can be installed indoors or outdoors to create an extra living space you might never realized you had.

Interior Solar Shades

When indoors, solar shades protect you from the unrelenting sun, offering shade while still giving you diffused lighting, keeping the space cooler, and reducing energy costs. UV protectant materials block the harmful rays of the sun. The semi-opacity of the screens gives you privacy while still allowing you to enjoy the view outside.

Exterior Solar Shades

In addition to providing an escape from the sun and heat, exterior solar shades act as a windscreen, turning that gale-force wind into a gentle breeze. Shield your outdoor room from the rain while still enjoying your outdoor space. Create privacy when lowered or a larger open space when raised. The choice is yours.

Enhanced Features

  • UV Protection
  • Light diffusing
  • Privacy
  • Wide range of colours and opacities
  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • Insect-free air flow through windows
  • Out-of-site retraction
  • Complete motorization available
  • Remote control operation
Solar Screen shades or roller shades are popular in Windsor, Essex County