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Interior Window Shutters, Windsor, Essex County with Blinds by Mindy.

Interior Window Shutters

Interior window shutters in Windsor, Essex County are an alternate window treatment with a classic look that combines style with function. Also known as California shutters or plantation shutters, they are made of wood or vinyl and are available in a wide range of colors.

If the shutters are manufactured with a central rail, the top and bottom louvers can be operated independently offering several options for light and privacy. Because there is no fabric involved, shutters are more durable, last longer and are easy to clean.

  • No fabric – easy to clean
  • Durable wood or vinyl
  • Control light, privacy and air flow
  • Sound insulation
  • Near black out when closed
  • Can be hinged to open away from the window
  • No wands, or remote controls, simple manual operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Clean, sofisticated style
Interior Window Shutters, Windsor, Essex County
Interior Window Shutters or California Shutters in Windsor, Essex County
Premium Window Shutters, Windsor, LaSalle, Leamington
Light control and privacy.

Wood, Vinyl or Composite Shutters?

There are three types of shutters that can transform the look and feel of the environment around you.

  • Real Wood Shutters – a terrific window treatment for living room and home offices. These shutters are high-quality crafted hardwood.
  • Vinyl Shutters – designed to stand up to the intense sunlight and moisture of hot and humid climates, making them perfect for¬†bathrooms.
  • No fabric – combine the look of genuine wood with the durability of composite materials, for shutters than can take wear and tear.